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I wanna be where he's been...   
10:57am 25/08/2005
mood: creative
It's been too damn long since I posted in this thing.

And part of that has been time.

So, screw the batches.

I'm just going to post however many icons up whenever I feel the need.

Here are a few I've been working on lately.

Sin City (5)...Collapse )

Buffy (3)...Collapse )

And, as always, comments and feedback are appreciated, credit is sublime.
All I needed was the love you gave...   
02:43pm 15/12/2004
mood: artistic
Summer has arrived and so have the festivals. After checking Pete Murray out at Homebake last week, I decided he deserved a theme of his own.

Internationalists can check him out here. If only that gorgeous husky voice could translate as well to screen as it does in person. Nevertheless, here is an icon tribute to an awesome local talent...

Pete Murray...Collapse )

Comments and feedback are appreciated, credit is sublime.
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For I never saw true beauty 'til this night...   
06:36pm 12/09/2004
mood: happy
After an extremely lengthy hiatus, there is finally another batch of icons to add to the collection.

This theme goes out to the visual brilliance of director, Baz Luhrmann, combined with the greatest writer of all time, William Shakespeare, in the 1996 adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.

Romeo & JulietCollapse )

Comments and feedback are appreciated, credit is sublime.
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Theme: Spider-Man Film   
12:18am 15/04/2004
mood: relieved
The whole "weekly" idea of icon batches just isn't working out, so I'll have to change it to "whenever I can find the time and patience".

That awesome comic adaption, Spider-Man (second in my eyes only to X-Men) is up this week.

SpidermanCollapse )

Comments and feedback are apprciated, credit is sublime.
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Theme: Jewel   
08:53am 26/02/2004
mood: creative
I was lucky enough to catch Jewel in concert when she was in Oz last week and her amazing set inspired some creativity of my own.

Jewel iconsCollapse )

Comments and feedback are appreciated, credit is sublime.

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Theme: Empire Records   
03:23pm 05/02/2004
mood: accomplished
After a lengthy wait, here are another batch of icons created by yours truly.

The theme this time around is that ever-popular cult classic, Empire Records...Collapse )

Comments and feedback are apprciated, credit is sublime.
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Theme: John Mayer   
10:07am 02/01/2004
  In my first icon post, I've decided on a John Mayer as the theme, seeing as I've developed quite a collection recently.

John MayerCollapse )

Comments and feedback are appreciated, credit is sublime.
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Shame shouldn't try you...   
11:08am 26/12/2003
mood: okay
As you may have guessed from the name, this is an icon journal. A creative outlet where I can display my icons and possibly get some feedback for them.

I'm still pretty much an amateur when it comes to the art of icons, but I think I've definately improved since I first started.

John Mayer icons seem to be my forte at the moment, but as I'm learning more things, it's broadening my range.

I love using lyrics in icons, they just seem to give them so much more depth and soul.

Songsets are a fave, as well, though I've never made a complete set that I'm happy with.

I hope to update regularly with a new theme each week.